How did I or my firm come to be nominated?

The publishing group frequently nominate candidates themselves. In terms of the process of voting, if you didn’t cast a vote by self-submission it is likely to have been cast via a colleague or client who has received one of our direct invitations. In the interest of maintaining high response rates, we do not ask nominees to reveal their personal identity. The main ethos of our awards system is that your ability to succeed is not linked to the number of votes received, with the most pertinent belief behind this being that all awards will be received purely on merit. As a means of identifying spam votes and countering cyber-threats, we monitor the website for unusual activity.


What happens if I agree to be shortlisted?

As we look to keep maximum focus on relevant candidates, we ask all nominees to accept their position on the shortlist. This gives people complete control in their decision on whether they would like to be considered further. There is no cost for you to be added onto the shortlist or for any of our winners. Nominees who accept will then be forwarded to our research team. Nominees are given the opportunity to present their own data which gets considered alongside the information collated by our research team. It can take up to 8 weeks for research to be completed.


Who makes the final decision?

We employ an entirely impartial panel of  individuals to conduct our research to high standards. At the helm of the panel we have a veteran academic leader with international academic and training experience. The team are well versed in research, fact-checking and mediation. We believe this method is the most efficient in determining which individuals and companies are most deserving in winning an award and has brought us much success and commendation throughout its use. Our continued use of this panel plays a key part in enforcing EABQAs’ stance that winners are not determined by popularity of votes, but by their contributions within their industry.


Is there a winner’s ceremony/award dinner and if so, when does it take place?

We do not focus our efforts on a celebratory event. Despite being enjoyable, it doesn’t support our group’s philosophy of cost-effective marketing. As well as the lack of cost efficiency, EABQA is an establishment which runs across a broad region and we believe it would be logistically difficult for some of our winners to attend an awards ceremony. We follow the belief that any of the optional costs involved with the award would be more beneficial in a year’s worth of online marketing for a winner, rather than spending it all on a ceremonial evening. All of our press announcements are made digitally, online and across our network to enforce our position as digital publishers. We aim to arm you with the tools (both digital and physical) to generate real value.


What happens if I am deemed successful?

There is a short press embargo in place where we ask you not to make the news public, giving us the chance to prepare the different means of coverage we offer for companies. During this period the program manager will liaise with you to agree on the most appropriate coverage for you. Our main feature takes the form of a digital celebratory magazine, but we also offer physical trophies, wall mounted and digital certificates, web-based advertisements and generic press releases which are bespoke to you or your company. This variety of options is aimed to make the awards tailor made to each individual/firm.


Are there any costs?

As previously mentioned, there are no compulsory costs in accepting a nomination or winning an award with EABQA. We do offer a variety of paid additional benefits for our winners, but these are completely optional and merely supplementary to your award rather than essential. To demonstrate our commitment to no mandatory fees, all winners are offered a free of charge promotional package. Our company policy will always remain: regardless of budget, our clients should always be able to garner the full value of the award and our seal of approval. We offer a variety of promotional opportunities to our winners, as we have an extensive network and we know, more than anyone, the wider business benefits from promoting industry awards.


What are the categories?
There are scores of categories, recognizing entire organizations, individuals, teams and departments, and all sorts of work-related media such as video, annual reports and other publications, web sites, apps, and live events.


What do winners receive?
 The top-scoring qualifying entry in a category is declared the EABQA Award winner. Other qualifying entries are named as Silver or Bronze Award winners.  Gold EABQA winners receive a Gold Award trophy. Silver and Bronze EABQA winners receive a Silver or Bronze award.


What are the benefits of submitting entries?
There are benefits to preparing and submitting entries, and benefits to winning  a EABQA Award.
The benefits of researching, writing, and supporting your entries themselves are significant. You’ll develop succinct, compelling stories of achievement that can be used elsewhere to help tell your corporate story.
The employee-relations benefits can be significant. When you submit entries, you’re telling your employees that you recognize and appreciate their accomplishments and believe that their achievements are worthy of national recognition.
 The benefits of becoming a Gold, Silver or Bronze Award winner will also be significant. Winners can expect to receive a good amount of publicity. Plus we make tools available to honorees to help them leverage their awards.
Finally, you’ll have access to all of the judges’ comments about your entries and your business, which themselves may be invaluable testimonials to your success.


What sort of publicity can EABQA Award winners expect to receive?
The awards ceremonies will be live streamed, so  winners will receive national exposure just from the broadcasts. The Awards’ marketing team will also work to generate national, regional, and local exposure for  winners.


Are entry forms kept confidential?
Yes. The organizers ensure that only authorized judges will review entries, and that information about nominees is not released to anyone else without prior approval.  Award-winning entries will be published on the web site, but entrants will first have an opportunity to redact confidential information from them before publication.